DSAT Gas Blender Instructor 1 Day

As more divers understand the benefits of using EANx (Nitrox), the need for a ready supply of Enriched Air (EANx) mixtures is constantly increasing !!!

Since it's release in 1995 the PADI Enriched Air Diver Course has been becoming more and more popular to the point where it is now:
  • The number #1 selling Recreational Diver EANx Nitrox Diver Course
  • The number #1 selling PADI Specialty Course
However to provide simply EANx Nitrox diver training is just not enough because if this is all a Dive Centre or their instructors can offer their customers, then most likely their customers will go to their competitors to get their tanks filled with EANx ...

... that's when they might just see the new EANx Nitrox computer that they can't live without, or sign up for that PADI Wreck Specialty they've thinking about or that live aboard trip, etc....
By becoming a DSAT Gas Blender you become an integral part of any serious dive center offering EANx training !!!
As a DSAT and ANDI Gas Blender for almost 13 years now Chris has always found the extra knowledge you learn from the DSAT Gas Blending course extremely beneficial when teaching EANx courses and being able to answer your students more indepth questions.

This is especially true when they are asking about hydrocarbons, explosions, analyzing and a host of other questions which regularly come up !!

The DSAT Gas Blending Instructor Course covers:

Oxygen: Liquid Oxygen, Gaseous Oxygen, the 40% Rule, the hazards of oxygen, Design for Oxygen Use : Oxygen Cleaning and Oxygen Compatibility.

Oxygen Cleaning: Dismantling Equipment, Inspection and Gross Cleaning, Pre Cleaning and Rinsing, Cleaning, Rinsing and Drying, Inspection and Testing for Clean Reassembling, Packaging and Labelling.

Oxygen Compatible Air: CGA "E" Standards

Gas Blending Methods: Mixing By Weight, Partial Pressure Blending, Continuous Flow mixing, Oxygen Generation.

Gas Mixing Formulas: Partial Pressure Fill, Starting With an Empty Tank Continuous Blend, Starting With a Partially Full Tank Partial Pressure Fill, Starting With a Partially Full Tank, Partially Full Tank, Add Bank Mix, & Top With Air.

REMEMBER: it's all very well being able to teach an EANX course but if you always have to rely on someone else or another dive centre to mix your gas for you - it's a little bit … well ?!?!

.. imagine being an instructor or divemaster and having to always rely on someone else to fill your students / divers air tanks because you don't know how to . you will find it very much like that with EANx Nitrox ??
For this reason the DSAT Gas Blender Course is included in our Diving Internship and Career Development packages.
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