Rebreather Diver and Instructor Course

Semi Closed Circuit Rebreather (SCCR) Diving
If you have never tried Rebreather Diving you are going to LOVE it !!!

Over the past five years in particular the recreational dive industry has seen the emergence of affordable Semi Closed Circuit Rebreathers (SCCR) - in particular the Draeger Dolphin & Ray units.

In response to demand from PADI Members and the Diving public in 1999 PADI released two standardized Specialty Outlines: the Draeger Dolphin / Atlantis & Draeger Ray Semi Closed Circuit Rebreather.

The Draeger Dolphin Instructor Course 2-5 Days
The Draeger Dolphin Instructor Course can be split into two parts: The Diver level certification for those who do not have it, and the Instructor portion.

Dolphin SCCR Diver: The prerequisite for this course is EANx (nitrox) certification, as both units use EANx (nitrox) mixtures of up to 60%. Training during this program will be with the Dolphin and covers the advantages and disadvantages of rebreather diving, assembly and disassembly of the unit, correct dive planning, Do's and Don'ts, and emergency bailout procedures.

It is a two - three day course involving one day class room and pool followed by 3 Open Water Training dives.

Dolphin SCCR Instructor: This takes PADI instructors who are already EANx (nitrox) instructors certified in the use of the Draeger Dolphin SCCR the next step they need to enable them to actually teach the PADI SCCR Specialty Course to others.

The course reviews the instructor outline, organisation, standards, skills and unique problems that can occur when teaching this course, because diving with Rebreathers is rather different This is two day program that can be combined with the SCCR Diver into a five day program: one day classroom and pool, one day with the 3 training dives required for certification, and three days of unlimited diving with the unit.

Prior to applying for SCCR Specialty Instructor certification instructors must have logged 20 dives with the unit
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